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As a physical therapist I know that recovery is not overnight. There are steps, stages, and milestones that you have to accomplish.

Markus, Physical Therapist

The Next Logical Step

Years ago, patients used to stay in the hospital until they got better. Now, the average stay is very short and it's not enough time to recover even from routine surgeries. Skilled Nursing Facilities are the next logical step in patient care after acute hospital stays.

Skilled Nursing Facilities provide therapy and rehab services that used to be done in acute hospital settings. In the hospital setting, the focus is on getting the procedures completed and getting the patient to a stable point medically. But patients are discharged from the hospitals so soon — often times patients are not strong enough yet to do things for themselves, and they're not really at a safe point to go straight home. It's the Skilled Nursing Facility that focuses on the recovery and advanced therapy techniques. Getting this special next step of care after the hospital helps patients get stronger and more independent before going home. It also decreases the chances of a return to the hospital.