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We will make accomodations for any family, for any patient, to ensure that they have the opportunity to visit with their loved ones.

Vince, Facility Admin.

Time to Put Myths to Rest

You may have some fears about you or a loved one going into a Skilled Nursing Facility. Watch this video to debunk some of the common myths. 

For instance — one myth is that Skilled Nursing Facilities are like Retirement Homes or the same as Nursing Homes. Let us set the record straight. Skilled Nursing Facilities' goals are to rehabilitate patients to function more independently. It usually involves physical therapy, speech therapy, or cognitive therapy. In other words, patients are rehabilitated with the intent of helping them become independent again in order for them to go back home healthy.  

Also, a common myth is that visitation is limited for loved ones. This is not true at all. Families always have access to their loved ones, 24/7 — in fact they're encouraged to visit!  

Click the play button on the player above to learn more about how Skilled Nursing Facilities really operate.